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Surviving The Fall


On February 4th, 1987, I was about to make my 90th free-fall parachute jump. Attached to an elite Navy SEAL team out of Damn Neck, Virginia, we were conducting training in preparation for an upcoming mission aboard a Marine CH-46 helicopter flying over the Virginia countryside. We reached 13,000 feet, and on command, I stepped out into the crisp, winter air. At 3500 feet from the ground I pulled my rip cord, and my world went dark.

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About Me


Life is unpredictable, but with the right attitude you can thrive where others falter. After facing death and surviving I found myself in one of the most challenging positions of my life, fighting to hold on to the career I loved. With twenty-two years in Air Force Special Operations as a Pararescueman, six years in Worldwide Personal Protective Services, and now with the Department of Homeland Security, I've overcome adversity through tough mental resolve.

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Career Pararescueman featured in bestselling books, magazines, television specials, and more. Throughout his life, Scott has influenced those around him in ways he never imagined, and he's proud to be highlighted alongside some of our country's most revered veterans. 

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